Wall of sounds /2011/

Soothing sounds hidden in the wall.

I designed it for a metro station, a busy and stressful urban environment. Music has always been related to spirituality, nowadays the mental relaxing and stabilizing quality of music is explored in the field of psychology. Music therapy has been proven to be an effective therapeutic remedy for mental disorientation.

When travelling on the metro in Tokyo I would often lean against the wall of the station from tiredness caused by the routine of a busy life. I used this unconscious act in the design. People will discover the soothing sounds when they come into contact with the wall

The “Wall of sounds” will enable people to distract themselves from the monotony of their routine, by engaging and exciting the brain, in an unexpected moment of sensory perception. The sounds will relate to the material and texture of the wall allowing the experience to involve a combination of the senses. Stimulating the central nervous system.